As I'm not currently a US citizen and haven't yet decided on dual citizenship I often keep my political views to myself. It just seems inappropriate to me for what is effectively a guest in a nation to be spouting off about what the citizens of the country should or shouldn't do. I obviously have my own opinions, I'm just selective about when and what I share.

Having said that the recent Palin interviews have just blown my mind...I really can't believe that this woman was actually selected for such a critical role and is so clearly out of her league. At the same time I'm still amazed by how the US media gives politicians such an easy time. UK politics is by no means perfect but the public demands that these people defend their actions and decisions in a very open way and the results lead to a much more engaged dialog between those in power and the public at large.

Check out the two videos below and let me know if you see a difference.


I'd give my right arm to see Paxman vs Palin...

An update...Jack Cafferty I take my hat off to you sir! At least one of you is willing to speak your mind...