travels through se asia

This is the year I turn 40 and like any good self abiding mid life crisis guy I’ve been increasingly looking out for ways to get out of my comfort zone and ‘do’ things I’ve been putting off instead of just talking about doing them. My plan had been to take some time off from the business at the end of April and maybe visit Cuba or the Nordic countries but work had been busy and I’d just not taken the time to research and get organized. My good buddy Cameron had been staying in Bangkok since New Years day and had been raving about the sites and places he’d been visiting for the last 2 months with just a few weeks left before he returned to NYC. I’d just wrapped up a big project with work and he suggested why not hop on a plane and spend a couple of weeks visiting Thailand and the surrounding countries. It was just the nudge I needed to decide that this would be my big trip for the year and I booked a flight to Bangkok for the following weekend. So this is my photo journal from the road (wi-fi gods permitting) of the sites, sounds and people of SE Asia. Primarily Thailand, Myanmar & Laos. 20 Hours and 7440 miles from my home of Seattle, WA.