Face Jam

Check this out for a little innovation...synchronized face muscle spasms to Electronica. I've always thought that the use of ultra low frequency beats could be used to greater effect to induce more physical responses than one typically feels at a concert....this is a more direct example of stimuli and music coming together. 

Wonder if the ravers of the future will be controlled by algorithms and hackers peering through their webcams...


Thanks to Tim Reha for surfacing this via facebook.

sacha baron cohen invades catwalk


Sacha Baron Cohen appeals to my inner subversive. His comedy is so out on the edge and so well done. There really isn't anyone else out there who can even come close to the intelligence and bravery of his style. Sure,  Borat was a fun movie with lots of little skits and a somewhat weak storyline but when you look at it a little deeper and think about the work that went into pulling off each of those uncomfortable moments and the fortitude it takes to go through with it, I think they're a lot more than just funny movies. Cohen holds a mirror up to the world and shows all our idiosynchricies, vanities, prejudice and more without the sugar coating. Can't wait for the release of the new movie in May, "Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male".

 See more about the incident in The Telegraph.